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Mini Tools Always with you!

Mini-inch in details

Exquisite & sophisticated tools in every inch


Innovative style Multi-Tool

Forget keeping a drawer full of screwdrivers - you can replace them all with a single Tool Pen


LifeStyle Design

2013 iF product design award

2012 Red Dot design concept award

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Your every day carry Essential


Pleasure to use it

Each one of these tools is super-gorgeous, you shall ignore it’s a tool but feel like you're holding one swank writing instrument instead. While it’s silently in your pocket & bag, or placed on a desk, we believe everybody will agree it’s an elegant item.


Beautiful, Functional, Versatile

Constructed from high-quality metals

They allow you working on the tools that fit your bike, furniture, cabinet, laptop, electronics, hinge and latch, outdoor equipment, and general household essentials anytime & anywhere.

Get your mini-tools!

Producten van Mininch

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